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Lars Meyer

Lars Meyer

In September 2019, I will run the Berlin Marathon and decided to race with Team Sierra to raise funds and awareness for global climate protection.

Humanity faces an existential race over the next decade to reduce CO2 emissions by almost 50% to keep temperatures from rising by more than 1.5 degrees.

There is now overwhelming scientific evidence, as documented in the latest IPCC report, as to the time frames and the consequences if we fail to finish this race of our lives in time. There is a lot at stake, not only our own future but more importantly that of our children and grandchildren.

There simply is no planet B!

Of course, there is a lot less at stake for me finishing the Berlin Marathon in 2019 in time (somewhere between 3:30 and 3:59, I hope...). Well, I guess, I just raised my personal stakes a bit by way of public embarrassment should I fail to achieve my personal goal.

But kidding aside, I decided to tie my comparatively insignificant personal challenge to the much greater existential challenge that we all face to protect the only home we have and share.

That‘s why I am raising funds with Team Sierra for the Sierra Club, a highly effective US-based non-profit organisation fighting global warming and climate change.

The Sierra Club (sierraclub.org) will use any funds you donate to do things like:

- Provide cleaner, cheaper energy

- Protect our land, water and air all over the globe and

- Save animals being threatened with extinction

Thanks so much for your kind support!



Bill Gates: The grand challenges of climate change


Please check out the podcast below with Michael Liebreich (Founder of Bloomberg New Energy Finance): http://exponentialview.libsyn.com/renewable-energy-climate-change-and-technology-michael-liebreich-and-azeem-azhar-in-conversation

Please find below some links to a few selected interviews, presentations of some of the leading experts on climate change and clean energy for you that I have found to be interesting and informative:

Presentation of Jeremy Grantham at the LSE (The Race of Our Lives)

Presentation of Johan Rockström at the WEF in Davos


raised of $2,500 goal


Recent Donations

Run hard HM!
2. Aris
Good luck Lars, a great cause and i hope you beat your target, i'm impressed!
3. Anonymous
Enjoy! Former LBM Advance Team member
4. Tomas Blodau-Konick
Good Luck, and enjoy the run!
5. Conrad Randall
Lars, good luck with your race, not sure should we call it that given your admission. You're doing a great thing though. Conrad
6. Lars Meyer