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John Romankiewicz

John Romankiewicz

Today we released a report that grades electric utilities on their plans to:
1. Retire coal
2. Stop building new gas plants
3. Build clean energy in this next, crucial decade.

Read more here: http://sc.org/UtilityPledges

We found that while dozens of utilities may have pledged to become “carbon neutral” by 2050, all but a handful of utilities in the United States aren’t moving toward clean energy in the time frame needed to avoid the worst of the climate crisis. The aggregate score for all companies studied was 17 out of 100 (a failing grade). If these utilities don't clean their act up, then we risk missing the pathway for keeping temperature rise under 1.5 Celsius and averting the most devastating effects of the climate crisis.

I'm raising money for the Sierra Club, and I'm trying to reach $1,500 (1.5k... get it?) to help in our efforts to highlight these dirty utilities and call for them to take real climate action.

Will you make a donation to help me reach this goal? 

Thanks so much for your support, 

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